About us

KZN Marketing-IT consultancy is a company that offers excellent and comprehensive marketing-information technology package services that varies from customised to general marketing. Our company combines the services of marketing and information technology to provide unique and reputable quality marketing-information technology services since contemporary business are functioning in a digital technological era. Nowadays, marketing and information technology fields are inseparable. Marketing professional gurus cannot effectively offer their services and reach all the target market without the intervention of information technology specialists. With much effort being given to green marketing as a way of preserving the environment, as KZN Marketing-IT consultancy we also embrace and execute green marketing in full force. Our company offers wide range of marketing-information technology services through our qualified, competent and experienced professional staff that have vast and up-to-date knowledge in marketing and information technology. We also offering marketing-information technology related services through our IT specialists. We are subscribed to newspapers houses, newsletter houses, magazines houses and printing houses to ensure smooth flow and comprehensive marketing to our clients.

Our Services

Our services consist of :

  • online marketing
  • personal marketing (flier distribution to reach a wider audience)
  • road-show advertising
  • Poster and billboards management
  • website creation and development
  • website hosting and management


  • To reach all our clients’ target market through online marketing(e-fliers,e-posters and e-billboards).
  • To attract large pools of potential customers to our clients through personal marketing (fliers, posters and billboards).
  • To create clients’ new products and/service awareness in the market.
  • To create website for our clients’ thereby increasing customer accessibity to their products and/services.
  • To manage website by constantly make changes as per client need.
  • To work mutually with newspaper houses, newsletter houses and printing houses for the success of our marketing strategies.


Vision Statement

To be a leading company that offers marketing-information technology services in South Africa.

Mission Statement

To provide world-class marketing-information technology services to small and medium enterprises at affordable rates.

Ethical standards

We maintain our professional standards and ensure ethical marketing conducts are kept in line with legislations.

Target market

We target small scale to medium enterprises (SME’s) situated in KwaZulu-natal province in South Africa .